Reikan FoCal 2021 Release Candidate is out

FoCal 2021 Release Candidate Overview

Nikon Z6ii and Z7ii

You can now calibrate and analyse this latest pair of Nikon mirrorless cameras with FoCal. All tools are supported, including the new Stabilisation Test (see below) and hands free MultiTest analysis.

Canon EOS-R5 and R6

We’ve added support for Canon’s new flagship mirrorless cameras. While calibration isn’t available, you can run the new Stabilisation Test and MultiTest on these to analyse your system performance, as well as AF Consistency, Aperture Sharpness, Dust Analysis.

Stabilisation Test

How many stops benefit does your lens/camera stabilisation system really give you? Which shutter speeds should you use it with? And what about on a tripod? These questions and more are answered with the brand new Stabilisation Test in FoCal.

Check out our Stabilisation Test Video for an overview.

Enhanced MultiTest

We’ve removed the need for Autofocus Adjustment capability in MultiTest – so you can now run in on any supported camera… including the new Canon EOS R5 and R6. And what’s more, this new mode runs completely hands free on all cameras!

Brand New macOS Camera Control

We’ve completely replaced the Camera Interface on the Mac with new code that’s faster and more reliable.

More Cameras

Check out the updated Camera Support page to see the extra cameras now supported by FoCal.

Above text and images taken from their e-mail. More information can be found on the Reikan FoCal website:

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