Lighthouse at Cabo de Creus, Spain

Faro del Cabo de Creus (Far de cap de Creus in Catalan) is located at the easternmost point on mainland Spain. The lighthouse is only 11 meters tall, but 87 meters above sea level. Next to the lighthouse, there is a restaurant. The view is spectacular and the weather was nice and warm when we visited the area in May.

Faro del Cabo de Creus-0032

Faro del Cabo de Creus-0024

Faro del Cabo de Creus-0023

Faro del Cabo de Creus-0030

Faro del Cabo de Creus-0025

Faro del Cabo de Creus-0026

Faro del Cabo de Creus-0027

Faro del Cabo de Creus-0029

Faro del Cabo de Creus-0035

Faro del Cabo de Creus-0034

Faro del Cabo de Creus-0033

Faro del Cabo de Creus-0031

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